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How well do we know the new MF investor?Marketing Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Data shows: average age of MF investor has come down to late 30s from early 40s. 20% of new investors are below 30 years. About 11% is working women which is significant. Make segmented marketing propositions.

  • Earlier investors largely were HNIs and financially savvy looking to optimize their returns and goals faster. Current investors are novices who may be financially aware but not savvy or aware of 2008.

  • Many new investors are of instant gratification generation and have clear short term objectives in mind like a holiday or buying the next phone. Figuring out their objectives is key.

  • Narrative has to change depending on the segment; IFAs must figure which segment they relate to best. Talk about end benefits like shampoo ads which don't focus on chemical differences from competitors.

  • People buy into people, then brand and last is product choice. Fear of technology disruption is misplaced. Understand that even people who own MF don't understand the product and they want guidance.

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