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Marketing heads share great growth ideas for IFAsMarketing Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • AMCs have different initiatives and ideas and IFAs can reach out to the respective RMs to take advantage of those initiatives, content, tools and analytics.

  • Organize your client base in data form. Non-commercial transactions such as change of city, address, bank account correlate with some event in the client's life and can be a good opportunity to cross sell.

  • During tax season, make effort to reach out to offices, and offer tax consultion, gettingaadhar/pan card sorted etc. It can be a great start to engage with potential clients.

  • Ask your client to bring a friend or two for investment discussion. These sessions help to connect with existing clients and get referrals. SMS work far better than emails in terms of conversion.

  • IAPs in vernacular language generates far more interest. There is plenty of information in English language but very limited info in local languages. Newspaper-partnered IAPs can be a huge success.

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Vikas Gupta ARN NO :25367 Rohtak, 30 Nov 2018

Dear Mr Shah, Thanks for sharing great ideas but sorry to write you that basic things like IPRU Touch registration in 1 month time frame, STP initiation are not being taken care in your amc. Please give attention to these basic things on priority.

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