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Can annuity style funds be the next big idea?Fixed Income Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • In India, yield curve is pretty flat. With the current shape of the yield and volatility, annuity style funds may not be best suited. It may be a good idea if it is run on smaller duration portfolio.

  • Competing products in other segments like insurance, gilt funds offer better returns. Unless there is concession for annuity style funds, it is hard sell.

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Comments Posted
Pawan Kumar ARN NO :144081 Banga, 27 Jun 2018

It is good if AMCs will manage to make a new fund on annuity basis even if it is in debt fund

GANESAN ARN NO :30041 chennai, 26 Jun 2018

Now mutual fund managers are not having new ideas. that is the reason tthey are launcing new ideas in the name of old themes like healthcare esg annuity etc.Now nobody is willing to educate in a big way to the investors.At the same time market is also overvalued.

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