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Retirement worries despite 60 insurance policiesDilshad Billimoria, Dilzer Consultants, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • Paying a premium on insurance policies should not impair your current cash flows and lifestyle.

  • Before investing in any products, educate yourself so that you can not only make informed decisions but also be empowered.

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Mamta Khanna ARN NO :Best Invest India Financial Ad New Delhi, 12 Sep 2018

Really nice effort done on your part. We need to educate the client for this. You know this is irony that people do not know who a Certified Financial Planner is. Is there any importance of financial planning. This need to be well advertised and promoted so that people can benefit from Financial Planning

Adarsh Sharma ARN NO :112739 7elevenmoney.com Bareilly, 12 Sep 2018

That’s really a good approach and I also throw such advise to my clients who buy insurance policies other than the term plan. It’s important to make them understand the benefits of investing the money left after term plan across other asset classes that may earn them greater returns as compared to investing more into endowment plans or ULIPS.

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