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The acronym behind Nikhil's 1200 cr success story : D.R.E.A.MNikhil Naik, Naik Wealth, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Have a dream for your business. Don't let your dreams be dictated by logic but just dream big if you want extraordinary results.

  • When recruiting, check if your core values match with the new hire and then evaluate their knowledge, skills and cost. Understand what you can teach and what you cannot.

  • Important to identify non-intrusive avenues for engagement. Knowledge messages on whatsapp are seen as non-intrusive and valued while marketing messages on whatsapp are seen as pushy.

  • Attend seminars outside of your main interest to broaden client base.

  • Look at where you can automate beyond transactions such as social media posts and calendars for client engagements.

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Comments Posted
Trupti Muralidhar ARN NO :ARN 73171 MUMBAI, 29 Mar 2019

Nikhila Naik is an inspiration. An amazing leader, a esteemed advisor yet so grounded. Lots to learn from him.

Narendra Dattatray Shringarpure ARN NO :ARN-123662 Thane, 28 Mar 2019

Very well said. Crucial takeaways



Vinayak Sapre ARN NO :83150 Mumbai, 28 Mar 2019

Every single word he spoke brings in so much of wisdom. I am fortunate to have work very closely with him during my AMC days and feels great to see him achieving new miles stones at regular intervals.

Ashish ARN NO :81 New delhi, 28 Mar 2019

Nikhil is very focused , tech savvy , he has this amazing ability to anticipate and prepare the future .

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