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2% vs 17% : the value of good adviceRajesh Chheda, Panjim, Goa

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Key Take-Aways
  • Veterans investors in the equity market can be tempted to use the advisor only for transactions rather than advice. Chasing performance too hard sometimes can lead to poorer returns.

  • Patience and giving time for proof of return can lead to better investment results. Take your time to see if your expectations are aligned with the advisor

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C K Vanitha ARN NO :ARN-90855 BENGALURU, 05 Dec 2019

Time has come for advisors to talk about moderated return projections given the Indian Millennials participation , Global scenario and Indias status.Also Advisors should talk about the value adds that one could offer and especially on the unique processes adopted to deliver Risk adjusted returns and Diversification

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