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I want my money backRamesh Bhat, Aniram, Chennai

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Krishnaswamy Parameswaran ARN NO :ARN-2540/Krishna Fincon Servic Rourkela, 10 Jan 2020

While I agree with Mr. Bhat, in a sliding market, investors do get panic and they ten d to redeem at a loss. This is the investor psychology. My own experience is that if you have a strong relationship with the investor, he will just not bother about market fall. I have investors who have been running SIPs for almost 10 years and have seen the returns they got when markets crashed. We explain that what goes up will necessarily come down and vice versa. Ultimately it depends upon the confidence that we build up with our investors.

Balaji Ram ARN NO :86759 CHENNAI, 10 Jan 2020

This mastermind video, I think is correctly timed to prepare and educate clients who have not seen steep falls or to educate clients who have taken their money back during turbulent times, to stay invested and accumulate more wealth during dips and continue their sips. Ramesh ji with his immense knowledge and experience is spot on. Hats off to you Ramesh Bhat sir.

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