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Smart beta - an idea whose time has come?Equity Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • In India, almost all the indices are market cap weighted and this creates space for smart beta products. However, level of maturity is not there in the market and so smart beta is for evolved niche investors.

  • Smart beta products can be created around various parameters -- size, value, momentum, volatility, trading activity, dividend yield. Size is the most important one in Indian context.

  • Smart beta products on volatility are very popular. Many strategies for existing equity products are consciously or unconsciously smart beta.

  • As market grows for ETFs and passive products, smart beta products will also grow.

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JITENDRA KHEMANI ARN NO :ARN-64487 Indore, 02 Nov 2018

Very much interactive & knowledgeable conversation.

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