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Goa's leading IFAs share strategies to build SIP bookGoa Advisors Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Preparing investors of the nature of SIP can help tide over uncertain volatility.

  • Educate investors the difference between fixed deposit and SIPs, the difference between savings and investing.

  • Knowing the market history and returns can help you explain to clients better whether it is a story format or more numerical format.

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Comments Posted
Vrushali Vivek Parsekar ARN NO :75479 Panaji, 22 Apr 2019

Very informative, thanks a lot.

Rajesh Chheda ARN NO :Finance factory Panjim, 22 Apr 2019

Good views expressed. Education of a prospective investor is of paramount importance so that there are no issues later. Makes it smoother for both advisor and client.

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