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Bangaluru planners visualize a phygital futureLovaii Navlakhi, Varun Girilal, Syam Sundar, B Srinivasan, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • While there is a place for self-serve, not all decisions and calls can be automated. As long as markets are dynamic and people are unpredictable, complete robotization will not happen.

  • There will be bits of automation and technology when it comes to scale. So back office can be more automated but front office needs a human touch.

  • People's dreams are changing and have moved beyond children's plan, marriage and second home. Clients now want to explore their aspirations as part of financial planning. So, high touch is not going to go away.

  • Computation is very easy with automation but in financial planning, psychology and human behaviour has a major role.

  • When it comes to crucial decision at client's end, they need hand holding especially if they are older.

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