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Is the MF industry's business cycle turning down?Business Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Some segments of distribution may reduce focus on MFs due to stoppage of upfronting - however investor demand is not impacted by these regulations

  • MFs have acquired legitimacy in smaller towns - for the first time ever. This will continue to drive long term demand, despite market fluctuations

  • SIP flows continue to be strong despite market volatility - which is very encouraging. Domestic flows will help sustain MF industry's secular growth story

  • Business profitability is under pressure - in distribution and manufacturing. Cycle in terms of margins has turned down, but remains strong in terms of volumes

  • Extent to which AMCs step up investor communication amidst market volatility will determine how much we can minimize reduction of flows

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Comments Posted
Sagar Nachane ARN NO :119272 Akola , 26 Oct 2018

Dear, Mutual industry get awareness due to distribution IN small town Most of the distribution from insurance agent, upfront stopped so they can comeback insurance in ULIP plan Because there is no capital gain And also tax benefit and risk cover fund switch Most of the advisor divert mind toword insurance ULIP

Dhiraj Mittal ARN NO :Ace Wealth Managers New Delhi, 25 Oct 2018

Having spent 15 years as a distributor with unflinching conviction across market cycles and regulatory onslaughts, with over 600 cr of AUM, am now losing conviction in the industry due to the deteriorating fund management (much of the industry in unable to beat their benchmarks) and the high headedness of AMCs to accept lapses and take corrective measures to protect the investor (The Aditya Birla Real Estate Fund is the latest example)

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