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Sugar-coat for youngsters, bitter pill for seniorsSchubert Mendes, Jennifer Mendes MFD, Mapusa, Goa

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Pradeep kumar anand ARN NO :79320 Delhi, 14 Aug 2021

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Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :Bijepuri Investment Advisers Chennai, 13 Aug 2021

1) Constant engagement with clients is a key to every successful Asset Management practice; 2) Talk about Passive income; 3) Choose your working hours; 4) 10-15 years of discipline; 5)Use the phrase Financial Freedom rather than Retirement corpus creation; 6)Show projected cost of living to seniors; 7)Start seniors with low exposure to equity(balanced funds etc.,)

Asoke Roy ARN NO :roys Finance Kolkata, 13 Aug 2021

Mission each one gets one good concept

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