Singer. Runner. 1000cr AuM. Mukund: the complete MFD.Mukund Seshadri, MS Ventures, Mumbai

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Mukund Seshadri recently crossed the coveted Rs.1000 cr MF AuM milestone, with 93% equity assets, serving 600 families (3000 investors),with a service team of 7 and a support team of 3 people. He is also a long distance runner, a singer and a spiritually inclined devoted family man.

He left a good career in a prominent life insurance company to set up his MFD practice in 2005 from scratch – with zero clients – because he felt insurance products weren’t investor friendly.

From setting up canopies outside office buildings and handing out business cards to operating out of part of his father’s desk in his parents’ house, Mukund’s early days were tough. He kept at it with a simple daily motto: get at least 1 SIP today.

It took him 10 years of non-stop 7-day work weeks to get to an AuM of Rs.50 crs by 2015. Then, the proverbial J-curve of the hockey stick kicked in, to catapult his AuM from 50 cr to 1000 crs in the next 8 years.

The growth propellant started with the loss of a client in2015 and Mukund’s introspection on what caused this – which was service below expectations. He invested time and money in purchasing and customizing task manager and CRM software which enabled him to switch from reactive to proactive service. Since 2015, every client of MS Ventures is contacted at least once a month – without fail. Systems in place ensure top notch service delivery. Satisfied clients drove bountiful referrals, spurring growth beyond his imagination.

He focuses on mid to senior level executives – professionals who value professionalism. Most of his clients started as retail investors and have grown to mass affluent status over time.

From 2019, he started focusing on personal development – of mind, body and soul. He shed 40 kgs weight, became an avid long distance runner, took up meditation, focused more on spirituality and continued his passion of singing – morphing from a personal finance expert into a complete individual –a change that has made a profound difference to his perspectives and outlook, a change that endears him a whole lot more to clients and prospects.


Looking into the future, he continues to refrain from setting targets and his motto is still the same that catalyzed his exponential growth from 2015: service excellence. Margin compression is a way of life for MFDs he says – but the volume growth opportunity is so large for the next decade, that we don’t need to worry about margins – if we build systems, processes and service teams to manage growth. He is now investing in another round of tech upgrades to make his firm ready to serve hundreds more if not thousands more families in the years ahead.


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Comments Posted
subramanian ARN NO :132164 Navi Mumbai, 21 Sep 2023

Sir i would like to meet Mr Mukund.

Venkateswaran Muthukrishnan ARN NO :184136 Chennai, 18 Sep 2023

Wonderful articulation of views by Mukund Seshadri! Lot of takeaways for MFDs. One of the most ignored areas in MFD practice is service excellence. We continue to run after new clients while not taking enough care about the existing ones. This opens up an opportunity for them to migrate to other MFDs or Channels. His focus on Service Excellence is definitely a must adapt mantra for all MFDs.

Sharath Mohandas ARN NO :143163 Trivandrum, 15 Sep 2023

This is an inspiring video.. Below are my take aways. 1. Daily SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is essential. 2. Regularly engage with clients, aiming for at least one monthly connection. 3. Prioritize feeling good and presenting a positive image. 4. Strive for a well-balanced life. 5. Effectively handle and adapt to changes. 6. Embrace and stay updated with evolving technology. 7. Adjust to margin compression in your field. 8. Recognize the substantial business potential in the coming decade. 9. Keep a consistently full pipeline of referral opportunities. 10. While we can’t control the wind’s direction, we can adjust our sails. 11. Focus on improving the user interface and always be accessible and ready to assist. 12. Take a proactive approach rather than simply reacting to situations.

Anil Nalawade ARN NO :1708 SATARA, 15 Sep 2023

Really inspiring story. I learn some new point in interview.


Whao! I am now confused whether Mukund is a Spiritual Guru or he is some musician from Chennai. I am equally confused whether he is that insurance sharp shooter or that dynamic MFD? Just how many hats can a person wear? Amazing Mukund. The entire video was just like a Mahabharat episode. Just nail-biting. All the very best Mukund and thanks Vijay for the amazing videos you make.

Promila Bhardwaj ARN NO :ARN-19335 New Delhi, 14 Sep 2023

Very inspiring story, seems like my own, like switching from life insurance agent to MFD in 2003 with the same thought, whirl wind activity of setting up canopies and interacting with possible investors, delivering talks in small organizations, losing a client and having the same thoughts on serving my clients. You have given many practical suggestions to follow and make it big like you. I look forward to be on an interview on Wealthforum, some day (working towards that). Thank you for bringing such inspiring great stories. Best wishes.

Partha Sarathi Chandra ARN NO :P&J CHANDRA FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. Kolkata , 14 Sep 2023

It’s mind blowing Mukund. Thank you for sharing and enriching us🙏

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 14 Sep 2023

My learnings: 1. An SIP a day 2. Client connect at least once a month 3.Feel good look 4. Living a balanced life 5. Manage changes 6. Adapt to technology 7. Adapt to margin compression 8. Business potential immense for the next decade 9. Pipeline of referrals should always be full 10. We cannot control the direction of the wind, we can only set the sails 11. Make the UI better & be always accessible & ready to serve 12. Be proactive not just reactive

Keval Thakkar ARN NO :KTFINANCIALPEACE Thana, 13 Sep 2023

Very nice Mukund ji

Viren Shah ARN NO :0592 RAJKOT , 13 Sep 2023

Dear Sir, Superb, mind blowing, Investers are giving more waitage to service than wealth creation. I learned a lot from you. Have a great day ahead. With warm regards, Viren Shah M. 9374100136

Schubert Mathew Mendes ARN NO :Arn 1739 Mapusa, Goa, 13 Sep 2023

Wonderful Interview. Very Inspiring Story of not just business growth but personal growth as well. A Great Example for all of us. Best Wishes Mr Mukund, for Great Success in the future Please continue to Enrich our MFD Fraternity with Similar Great Success Stories Cheers

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