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Advanced Wealth Management Course (IIBF) - Paper 3
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Chapter 1:Part I: Ch 1: Investment Concepts & Asset Classes
Chapter 2:Part I: Ch 2: Financial Investment Products
Chapter 3:Part I: Ch 3: Statistical and Mathematical Tools
Chapter 4:Part I: Ch 4: Risk and Return
Chapter 5:Part I: Ch 5: Portfolio Analysis & Selection - Part 1
Chapter 6:Part I: Ch 6: Portfolio Analysis & Selection - Part 2
Chapter 7:Part I: Ch 7: Efficient Markets
Chapter 8:Part I: Ch 8: Securities Markets
Chapter 9:Part I: Ch 9: Depository & Investment Process
Chapter 10:Part I: Ch 10: Regulatory Framework
Chapter 11:Part II: Ch 1: Debt Instruments - Basic Concepts
Chapter 12:Part II: Ch 2: Indian Debt Markets
Chapter 13:Part II: Ch 3: Central Government Securities
Chapter 14:Part II: Ch 4: Treasury Bills
Chapter 15:Part II: Ch 5: State Government Bonds
Chapter 16:Part II:Ch 6: Call Money Markets
Chapter 17:Part II: Ch 7: Corporate Bonds
Chapter 18:Part II:Ch 8: commercial Paper and Certificates of Deposit
Chapter 19:Part II:Ch 9: Ready Forward Contracts or Repos
Chapter 20:Part II: Ch 10: Bond Market Indices and Benchmarks
Chapter 21:Part II: Ch 11: Secondary Markets and Trading in Govt Securities
Chapter 22:Part II: Ch 12: Regulatory and Procedural Aspects
Chapter 23:Part I: Ch 13: Bond Valuation
Chapter 24:Part II: Ch 14: The Yield Curve
Chapter 25:Part II: Ch 15: Duration
Chapter 26:Part II: Ch 16: Fixed Income Derivatives
Chapter 27:Part III: Ch 1: Investment Decision Making Process
Chapter 28:Part III: Ch 2: Introduction to Efficient Market Hypothesis
Chapter 29:Part III: Ch 3: Introduction to Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Chapter 30:Part III: Ch 4: Economic Analysis
Chapter 31:Part III: Ch 5: Industry Analysis
Chapter 32:Part III: Ch 6: Company Analysis
Chapter 33:Part III: Ch 7: Valuation
Chapter 34:Part III: Ch 8: Technical Analysis
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i wish to join this. pl. guide me abt the time as well as fees for it

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Ive undergone all the above. I am ready to impart training on any one or more of above subjects to our mutual interest. Thanks & regards,

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