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What should we do when clients ask for balanced funds?Chennai Distributors & Advisors Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Don't jump into a sale immediately. Ask clients to think it over and come back. To stay in the industry long term, we need to be able to say NO to irrational client expectations.

  • Distributor should not be chasing investors to capture business. Relationship with investor should be looked from two-generation view. If clients are only looking at short-term, advice accordingly.

  • Educate clients about composition of balanced funds, risks and impact from market movements. Ask if clients are comfortable taking losses or losing amount invested.

  • Set reasonable expectations. Regardless of product, keep expectation within 10-11%. Keep records to show clients decisions. Highlight and market when your convictions are proved right.

  • Steer the conversation by asking their objectives and goals. Like in interactions with a cab driver, ask where is the destination.

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Comments Posted
Andrew L Cunha ARN NO :51903 MANGALORE, 23 Jan 2018

I congratulate Chennai Advisors for coming together during this time and discuss the issue of investors expectation during sharp rise in market. Infact, these discussions should be organised through TV channels. During last two weeks I had three investors above 68 years age (who never invested in equity earlier) ready to invest in equity, discontinuing their FDs, only to get extra income. I requested them to stick to their FDs at this age. Investors are tempted to invest in equity when market is high. It is very important at this stage that advisors should not become greedy to take this money.

Yasin ARN NO :Client Dubai, UAE, 20 Jan 2018

Glad to hear the horses (advisor) address experiences and solutions dealing with Investors / Clients who arrive or approach with a precedental mindframe acquired either from google or other excited sources. Good start with these round tables and the profile of advisors speaks a lot, looking forward to more inputs from this initiative.

G I Gothandaraman ARN NO :ARN-122102 Chennai, 18 Jan 2018

Very useful and insightful discussion. Your opening and summary shows your mastery, Vijay. Keep up the good work.

Aadesh Kumar Jain.S ARN NO :AJ FinServ LLP Chennai, 18 Jan 2018

Its nice to see the stalwarts together. Educating the client is the key, client needs first. Nice initiative, keep continuing. MB Keep Rocking.


Really nice discussion . Please continue this Round TAble.

Pallav Bagaria ARN NO :30378 Guwahati, 18 Jan 2018

Great initiative.

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