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My lesson from Ferrari WorldJigar Parekh, Anchor Edge, Ahmedabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • Going through market correction is like riding a scary roller coaster. If you stay invested till the end, then you will definitely achieve something big.

  • Just like in a rollercoaster ride, the market will have several corrections at different times. This will cause fear and investors have only two options -- fight or flight.

  • If you give in to fear and you exit early, you will definitelly have loss. However, if you fight your fear and stay the ride, then you will get lots of wealth at the end.

  • Remember that fear is a natural emotional response. However, how we respond to fear is within our control.

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Comments Posted
Ash ARN NO :81 New Delhi , 05 Sep 2020

Jigar sir kiye Jigar Wali Baat 🙏. Dar ke sage hit hain .

Manoj A ARN NO :9992 Chennai, 06 Feb 2018

It’s really fantastic story for currect market Jigar Sir!!!!

Mohan sharma ARN NO :Prudent CAS Ltd. Jaipur, 03 Feb 2018

Roller coaster story reminded the recently done event in Jaipur. It is always good to here you. You are doing a very good job for the society by educating the advisors.

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