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CEOs discuss sins of this bull marketBusiness Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Performing funds will continue to get market share. You can't just put products out there and expect to get market share. It is not brands that get attention.

  • There is consolidation as far as categories are concerned. Balanced funds will continue to be the trend providing more risk adjusted products given the current environment.

  • There is a bubble in mid cap space. On a broad asset management level, they are moving into other asset management spaces. Product innovation to pick up both in and outside MF platform.

  • Expect even bigger rally in future but with much more volatility due to complicated politics and macroeconomics. Re-strategize where you are and review market expectations.

  • With IFRS coming, expect some changes in accounting rules. While investors are told about equity risk, communication around credit and desk risk is not being managed well.

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Comments Posted
Raj Talati ARN NO :ARN-3535 Vadodara, 05 Feb 2018

Excellent Discussion.

SrinivasanTS-CFP ARN NO :WealMan Associates Bengaluru, 05 Feb 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed the discussions among the most promising and niche players too, in the AMC`s today. Its heartening to see and hear, that there is a significant scope for improvement in communications, which actually comes from top down,which in turn helps, in proper positioning of products ,in terms of Risks and Returns. Compliments to All. TS

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