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Who set these unrealistic investor expectations?Jaipur Distributors & Advisors Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • New clients are not coming because of conviction in equity. Fixed deposit returns have fallen and they want an alternative that will give regular income.

  • As advisors, we need to set right expectations. Do what is right than what is popular. We have to be able to tell NO and investors actually do appreciate that we are not a money collector.

  • Educate clients that in equity, risk and return cannot be separated. When we talk about client' real dreams and aspirations, we are able to moderate his returns expectations and gear them towards goal based planning.

  • Clients are overconfident and not aware returns can be negative. Look at their wealth profile and investments and ask if they are investing 10% of wealth, can they take this risk and more?

  • Be choosy about clients so that you have a long term relationship. Conduct a regular fire drill exercise with clients -- "if market goes in this direction, how will you react?"

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