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Unlearn first, before you can learnJaideep Parekh, Panam Shares & Services, Pune

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Key Take-Aways
  • Mistake #1 - If investor's sole purpose to come into the market is to make money, they won't be able to have a discipline and stick to a portfolio.

  • Mistake #2 - Many investors assume that the growth will be linear like in a fixed deposit. Investors should factor there will be market corrections, periods of no returns or low returns.

  • Mistake #3 - Many investors are not aware of how the market has performed over the last 20 years. Knowing the history helps in understanding that the market goes through up and down cycles.

  • Mistake #4 - Many investors have an incorrect definition for long term. In the financial space, 5 years investment is short term, 5-10 years is medium, 10 years or more is a long term investment.

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