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Making money VS creating wealthJaideep Parekh, Panam Shares & Services, Pune

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Key Take-Aways
  • Don't come into the market to make money or because you have no other alternative for investments; Enter the market to begin a journey of wealth creation

  • To create wealth -- 1. one needs to be in the market 2. participate over 10-20 years

  • Don't chase 10%-20% return but focus on the value of compounding to create wealth. If you invest 20% of your earnings and let it run entire course till retirement, you will have created wealth.

  • To counter volatility, it is important to be cautious and have a disciplined approach to the market.

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N.Santhakumar ARN NO :78938 Mannargudi, 12 May 2018

Yes : creating wealth is completely different from making money : it is issue of long versus short term

shagun sutaria ARN NO :2550 ahmedabad , 12 May 2018

very educative and interesting

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