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Move the focus from return % to savings %Amit Jain, Plentitude Consulting, Jaipur

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Key Take-Aways
  • Clients want financial freedom and that boils down to the saving rate of a person. Saving % for the average Indian is 32%.

  • If 32% is the average savings %, how does your savings % rate in comparison? Focus on what you are earning and the % you can save -- that will transform your financial life.

  • Look at inflation levels and see how much you are earning above inflation. Are your investments beating inflation by a few basis points?

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Pradeep Kumar Jain ARN NO :PMPK wealth Ranchi, 09 Mar 2019

I am very much impressed with the concept of Amit ji. This is exactly the concept which my father taught me which translated into my financially worry free life.

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