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What we can learn from architects and home-ownersChetan Upadhyay, Carefree Retirement, Ahmedabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • Architect looks at wind direction, vastu, colour choices, family needs etc and then channelizes your resources to build your home according to your vision.

  • A home owner is more concerned about personal needs like colour of tiles, budget and their vision for the house than details like which cement is being used.

  • If the home owner interferes too much with the details that architect specializes in, it can slow down productivity if the architect needs approval for each step.

  • Similarly, leave the nitty gritty details of the portfolio to the advisor and focus on your personal aspirations and needs.

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Kurien Mathew ARN NO :123581 EC-65, A-201/202, Mangal, 28 Aug 2018

Thank you for the advises. The need is the crux for Insurance, the financial goal is for the Investments. Hope more talks stressing on these would be there to understand the financial goal of each individual to make make him or her successful in achieving the same.

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