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4 great growth stories from Gujarat's Young TurksAhmedabad Young Turks Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Use technology to make client onboarding process faster. A sharp client focus can occur when each team member gets set number of clients to cater to. As the client base grows, more team members are added.

  • Periodically check if clients are happy with the service and ask for suggestions. If they are happy with the service, ask for referrals.

  • Set reasonable return expectations with minimum risk appetite so clients are happy with how the market plays out. Too high expectations can lead to clients feeling cheated if they don't get that return.

  • Sell frequently -- it is easier to cross sell to existing clients who have faith in you than to find new clients. Will your friends refer you? Start by expanding from your network base.

  • Tailor your pitch on the common priorities -- children's education, marriage and retirement -- and planning for 3 contingencies -- death, health issues and unable to work, living for too long.

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Ramesh B ARN NO :11864 Vadodara, 13 Apr 2018

Kindly give written brief of video presentation every time.

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