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Growth drivers of Pune's Young TurksPune Young Turks Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Delivering the basics of wealth management well drives growth. Basic services include being transparent with the customer, documenting things, educating clients, making jargon simplified.

  • Data and products are widely available. Growth starts with the why question rather than what -- why does a client want to invest, what is the rationale and objective, the story of their financial life.

  • It is a misconception that 90% of our customers are only looking for returns. They are looking for solutions to their needs. To sustain long-term, we need to cater to their needs.

  • How do you present yourself? Body language is important. Staying positive and be rational thinking especially when markets are down are a must for advisor.

  • Plenty of growth areas as only 6-7% in India are invested into mutual funds: rural India, senior citizens, youngsters starting careers, those between 35-45 age group, senior managers NRIs, HNI.

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