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80:20 team building model to manage growthPune Distributors & Advisors Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • To build scale, add new personnel to handle 20% of clients while the experienced team handle the 80% and top clients. It also frees up time to get new clients.

  • Having a service relationship manager for service related queries frees up sales and advisors to concentrate on advisory side. Inform clients on who to contact for service related queries.

  • Restricting the number of schemes you work leads to sharper focus from team and research consistency. Funds have a higher stake in you and offer better service and commissions.

  • Set thresholds on who will you cater to and be upfront. To avoid wasting time in traffic and commutes, use skype calls to connect to new clients or have them come to office on a convenient day.

  • While platforms have created some ease of use, service delivery deteriorates in sensitive non-cash transactions like adding nominees, changing bank, deletion of name, registration of POA.

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