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Which intermediation channels are CEOs betting on?Business Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • For the bulk of intermediaries, MFD will continue to be the model. Those who migrated to hybrid model may have to roll back for compliance reasons.

  • Those who are serving the ultra rich HNI and affluent segment will perhaps gravitate towards RIA.

  • There is growing appreciation of digital as an important intermediation channel. Digital as a means of acquiring clients is becoming more mainstream.

  • Many ex-bankers are entering the space in the mass affluent and affluent segment and bringing very high level of product knowledge and practice management.

  • Investing is still an emotional business in India rather than transactional.

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Comments Posted
Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai, 24 Apr 2018

I do my entire business on a platform. My question to all the learned CEOs: Why are platforms clubbed with NDs? Why is my business(logged in the Platforms ARN) given sub standard status compared to an IFAs business logged in his ARN? Almost all AMCs map me to their ND team and the ND salesperson cares two hoots about me as he is more concerned about the banking business and the NJs of the world. I am small fry. Mr.CEOs please address my concerns. I would like to add here that MO AMC is an exception here.

Ramesh B ARN NO :11864 Vadodara, 23 Apr 2018

thanks for giving key take-aways. pl continue the same as it is equally effective/important and more convenient. kindly enlarge the same. thanks again.

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