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Financial plan is like a Rubik's CubeHemant Beniwal, Ark Primary Advisors, Jaipur

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Key Take-Aways
  • In a Rubik's cube, when one face is turned, then it impacts the other sides of the cube. Similarly, any small changes can have effects in your financial life.

  • It may take several turns to get the financial plan to fall into place, just like in a Rubik's cube.

  • A financial plan is just the beginning of a journey.

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Comments Posted
Yogesh Shah ARN NO :INV AHMEDABAD, 17 Jun 2018

In your videos voice quality seems some poor.so very humble suggestion to improve if possible. Thanks

Devender Prasad Kanoj ARN NO :98670 Hyderabad, 04 Jun 2018


Darshit Shah ARN NO :59370 Ahmedabad , 27 May 2018

Without thinking you can’t turn the Rubic cube else it won’t give any result. Financial Planning is the same.

Mangesh Rajhansa ARN NO :ARN-119306 Nashik, 26 May 2018

Very rightly explained.

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