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Asset allocation is akin to creating a winning cricket teamKillol Karia, K.K Credibles, Rajkot

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Key Take-Aways
  • There are 4 asset classes -- equity, debt, real estate and commodities markets. Common mistake investors make is to invest in the latest hot trend instead of asset allocation.

  • Think of asset allocation like creating a cricket team. If a team only has batsmen but no good bowlers, how will it win? Likewise, balanced asset allocation is key.

  • Consider equity, real estate as batsmen, debt and commodites as your bowlers. Wicket keeper is your insurance, which is a must. All rounders are your mutual funds.

  • As in cricket, not all players score in a single match. If a good player does not score in one match, do you change the team? Likewise, don't shift from one asset to another and exit immediately. Be patient.

  • In order to win markets, have a balanced portfolio. Instead of focusing on which assets can give you returns, weigh if your portfolio is a winning cricket team.

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Bharat B Gohil ARN NO :84052 vadodara, 14 Apr 2018

useful insight discussion. thanks

Nikhil dighe ARN NO :ARN-120242 Vadodara, 01 Apr 2018

Very nice information share by mr.killol.karia sir

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