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New investors are disappointed, but not yet concernedHyderabad Retail Advisors Round Table, Hyderabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • When onboarding new clients, it is important to set realistic expectations upfront. Ask them about their return expectations and at what loss level, will they be most concerned.

  • Inform clients that markets can be volatile. If new investors have any need for that capital within 5 years, discourage them from participating in equity and instead encourage them towards debt.

  • There is some maturity in the market and they are not withdrawing during down cycles. They are more financially educated and are seeing volatility as interim.

  • More new investors are entering market based on past returns, so a steady hand of advisor is must.

  • Volatility can be reduced in the portfolio through asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing and systematic exit.

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Mitesh ARN NO :ARN-128126 Mumbai, 04 Aug 2018

Hello Everyone, Very good video. My brief introduction - I am a new IFA who is trying to set up his practice. I have my own office and I am located in Borivali Mumbai. I am a hardworking chap with strong beliefs in teamwork and doing the right thing. Currently, I am having a tough time in getting leads and customers. So I am looking for some guidance from seasoned professionals here as to how I can get leads and clients. Please call me at 9082514106 if you need any additional info from me. Thanks

Mahendra mathur ARN NO :35472 Kota, 02 Aug 2018

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