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Crorepati formula = 15 x 15 x 15Tumma Balraj, Hyderabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • An investment for 15 years at average 15% return at Rs. 15,000 per month will result in 1 crore accumulation.

  • Rather than the amount, the focus should be on creating wealth with a financial discipline. Look at the bigger picture.

  • An investment for 30 years at average 15% return at 15,000 per month will result in 10 crore accumulation. Youngsters at the start of their career can capitalize on time and the power of compounding.

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Comments Posted
Uma Shankar pandey ARN NO :15586 Kolkata, 07 Jul 2018

Good but in which scheam

Amalaraj A Marian ARN NO :2408 Nashik, 30 Jun 2018

Sir, I have probably seen this 15X15X15 formula in a lot of picture messages and snippets. I appreciate the concept, however i am of an opinion that we are building too much of expectation when we are putting the 15 of assumed returns. We really need to moderate the expectation keeping in mind that going ahead as the markets mature generating that kind of returns would be an uphill task. Instead why should we not ask an investor to focus on more time? As it is one will be working for at least 20 years plus.

Maulin Shah ARN NO :ARN-89674 Godhra, 16 Jun 2018


Rakesh Yadav ARN NO :138672 New Delhi, 16 Jun 2018

this tutorial help to achieve future goal and explained to client how to creat goal and way to reach ur target

Tumma Balraj ARN NO :ARN-34238 Hyderabad, 12 Jun 2018

Yes, This formula was told to me by my friend Truptesh Shah.

Truptesh Shah ARN NO :ARN-77201 Hyderabad, 09 Jun 2018

Please check this blog written way back in July 2013 http://blog.deonticgroup.com/?p=293

Swaraj Wealth ARN NO :Swaraj Wealth Management Priva jabalpur, 09 Jun 2018

Dear Balraj, hearing this maths sounds too good. Can you please tell me which calculator you use to calculate this amazing figure. As per my knowledge no sip calculator gives this figure.


" Good Mantra "

PRABHU H R ARN NO :62797 Davangere, 08 Jun 2018

Like this information lot of help to grow our business.

TUMMA BALRAJ ARN NO :ARN-34238 secunderabad, 05 Jun 2018

Thanks for your comments Mr.Deepak, this formula is to make new investors understand the role of power of compounding in wealth creation, as mentioned by you if 2000 or 2008 kind of scenario happens then it would be disastrous situation for the investor, to reduce the impact from such kind of a situation, systematic exit from the investment need to be initiated before 3yrs from reaching the target. investors may get lesser amount than mentioned but it helps them to start investment and look at the big picture and if investors earn a return of 4% to 5% higher than the inflation , that return would be sufficient to help the accumulate the wealth to take care of their goals . investors will be more happy when they see their wealth grow, if educated properly and if the expectations are set right in the initial stages of engagement of the client and followed up with right strategies( asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing of the portfolio and systematic exit) then genuine investors/clients are not really bothered about the return.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai, 02 Jun 2018

Very useful mantra. This can open a lot of doors. Thank you Balraj.

Ramesh B ARN NO :11864 vadodara, 02 Jun 2018

As requested earlier and DB Desai comment below, pl. give write up of the speech in any way,( or key takeways). thanks


good idea

Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :7707 Mumbai, 02 Jun 2018

DIsagree totally, this is clearly misleading, What if a 2000 or a 2008 happens, 15 years later, Instead of getting 1 crore will i be able to justify a 40 or a 50 lakh, planned for a goal. Also a real Fiancial Planner will as the goal approaches nearer, asset allocate to protect the gains. Using it in an IAP, will not send out a correct message to prospective Investors. If its only used to make an investor the power of Compounding its OK

DB DESAI ARN NO :0234 kudal, 02 Jun 2018




Avdhesh ARN NO :70181 Meerut, 02 Jun 2018

Sanjeev Mundhra ARN NO :102294 Kolkata , 02 Jun 2018

So simple but so powerfull Great way of representation dear Balraj

Prabin Agarwala ARN NO :41541 Siliguri , 02 Jun 2018

Numbers really help. In the silimilar line ICICI mutual funds “What is your number” campaign is also very successful.

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