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How to make your children always remember youTumma Balraj, Hyderabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • Many parents want to gift real estate to children so that they have financial security. However parents need to remember certain issues.

  • Besides a low rental yield, parents should remember that children may move away for variety of reasons which may make handling real estate difficult especially if children are NRI.

  • While keeping the control of the financial assets, parents can choose to gift some money regularly to children directly.

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Comments Posted
Somashekards ARN NO :Arn5277 Bangalore, 01 Dec 2018

Your views on discretion spending gives more happiness to childrens is a very good psychological point which every parent has to remember and do financial assets.also we see people with huge properties say running into lakh S of cried a also always end up in dispute as exact division is impossible between childrens.there always be grumbling as to their share is not worth as other siblings share of property finally blaming parents of partiality.

Kaushik Bhaduri ARN NO :MY MONEY Advisor New Delhi, 23 Nov 2018

Very wise advise and genuine advise for senior citizen clients. Thank You and Wealth Form for bringing out such short but crispy wise advises to new joiners in the industry. Truely Wealth Wisdom. Keep it up.

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