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Every batsman must score a century every timeUday Dhoot, Oye Paisa, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • Just as every batsman cannot score a century every time, every investment in your portfolio cannot be a superstar.

  • Investors fall prey to mistakes when we lose sight of long term views. If our conversation is always centered on 1 year, 3 year performance, we lose sight of our goals.

  • The cyclical nature of market makes investors chase returns.

  • Cap the number of decisons that you will make regarding investments. This will help investors getting caught in the latest fad and products.

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P N GIRI ARN NO :1949 CHENNAI, 02 Nov 2018

Will Nov 4 Ban on Iran goods will adversely equity as well currency market as oil price may go up sue to shortfall created by Oil from Iran

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