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IFA shares strategy to help clients overcome fear of market volatilityB Srinivasan, Shree Sidvin, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • When market volatility happens, people's risk profile also changes as they can get caught in anxiety and stress.

  • When markets are down, looking at the individual stocks in the folio can give investors confidence as they can judge whether the companies are good.

  • If investors feel that one of the stocks is not a good company, they can talk further to their advisor.

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Comments Posted
Sharath Mohandas ARN NO :ARN-143163 Thiruvananthapuram, 05 Jan 2019

Nice video.. Got a new phrase. "MF is a pass through vehicle for the underlying shares"

Rajesh CHHEDA ARN NO :finance factory Panjim, 03 Jan 2019

wonderfully put across in simple language. especially the "mf being a pass through vehicle for the underlying shares held"!

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