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Most important question advisors should ask parentsBalaji Rao, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • Rather than financial assets, you can leave physical assets such as real estate and gold to your children. Make your children competent adults so that they can achieve on their own might.

  • If you want to leave a legacy in financial assets to children, be aware that you will have to save more where one bucket is for your post retirement expenditure and another for the legacy.

  • Saving more to create a legacy will cut into today's surplus and you may not be able enjoy your present life and aspirations. Balance your investments between saving and living life today.

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Alagappan ARN NO :Alagappan Chennai , 29 Dec 2018

I would appreciate his views but I would like to make a point that all clients never give us 100 % of the portfolio more over I will tell a instant that happened to my client a couple of years ago he passed away all of a sudden, he had done his mf Investment through me he had a insurance agent all put together his wife got close 1 crore his wife not being able to live in Chennai left to her parents house , in Mumbai , her food and shelter has been taken care by them in last 3 year she had spent money for day to day expenses and her son who is a special child , according to today scenario even 1 crore is not sufficient, it can last for only a maximum 6 years without lavish expense atleast in Mumbai, we all must plan for investment with inflation atleast

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