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The biggest "mis-investments" we keep makingHarish Rao, Simple Equation, Bengaluru

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Key Take-Aways
  • Many people who have lots of real estate are asset rich but liquidity poor. Some sacrifice their career choice and aspirations in order to pay the EMI for real estate.

  • Real estate often does not yield much return as people hope as rental yield is low and capital appreciation may or may not happen depending on external factors.

  • Another asset that many people invest is gold jewelry but the return is equal to that of inflation.

  • Instead of focusing solely on physical assets, investors should consider investing in financial assets as it gives liquidity and better rate of return.

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Comments Posted
Babu Arunachalam ARN NO :VS Financial Services Bangalore, 25 Mar 2019

Thanks Harish ji for your useful insights. You never fall.

Himanshu Maheshwari ARN NO :77725 Ghaziabad, 23 Mar 2019

Nota fan of real estate, yet in many cases that can be found around us, the asset class has delivered much more returns that what is purported here by Mr. Harish Rao.

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