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Mukund's question stumps his investorsMukund Seshadri, MS Ventures Financial Planners, Mumbai

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Key Take-Aways
  • Understand how your past impacts your present day financial decisions. Worried about having liquidity for emergencies? Talk to a financial advisor to find out what options you do have such as liquid funds.

  • Is gold really an asset? Gold jewelry comes with emotional attachments and therefore least likely to be sold.

  • Mukund asks a question which often stumps his investors: did you ask your daughter whether she really wants that gold which you are accumulating for her?

  • Due to safety concerns about potential theft as well as different ideas on how to celebrate marriage, today's generation views gold more as a liability than asset.

  • Talk to your daughter and find out what she wants for her wedding. Today's generation is more interested in an exotic honeymoon rather than gold. Consider whether it is better to invest in other assets.

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Narendra Dattatray Shringarpure ARN NO :123662 Thane, 26 Jul 2019

Gold and not gold jewelry should form small part of the portfolio to act as hedge

Pallav Bagaria ARN NO :Sapient Wealth Advisors Guwahati, 26 Jul 2019

Brilliant as usual Mukund..

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