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The story of Chinese bamboosJigar Parekh, Anchor Edge, Ahmedabad

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Key Take-Aways
  • Chinese bamboo is the tallest grass in the world and it takes five years and three months to grow to its greatest height of 80ft.

  • For the first five years, there will be hardly any growth seen in the bamboo. All the growth takes place under ground. Then in a period of 60-90 days, the bamboo starts growing and reaches its full height.

  • The challenge in growing Chinese bamboo is to keep nurturing it without looking at the growth.

  • Likewise, in SIP, if investors focus on looking at the growth at each term, they will not create a lot of wealth. Just like with the Chinese bamboo, wait for that growth period.

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Comments Posted
Ninad Mondkar ARN NO :Network FP Mumbai, 24 Jan 2018

Dear Jigarbhai, This is a brilliant concept! Loved it! It is simple, easy to understand and connects with the participants. It builds an advisors credibility too - a professional who speaks without jargons. Keep inspiring!

Ratnesh Varshney ARN NO :110784 Aligarh, 24 Jan 2018

very good story and truly relevant to SIP. Doing great work jigar bhai. Ever to meet you

Piyush shah ARN NO :14098 Ahmedabad , 21 Jan 2018

Excellent as usual from Jigar Bhai.very useful for IFAS as well for investors Awaiting more and more nugget from JIgar sir

Anandkumar NANUBHAI Patel ARN NO :ARN-113961 NAVSARI, 21 Jan 2018

The way you deliver the content is unique. It directly enter into the heart. We are always eager to attend your training.

Anandkumar NANUBHAI Patel ARN NO :ARN-113961 NAVSARI, 21 Jan 2018

The way you present is extremely wonderful. The concept you taught are very handy. We are always eager to attend your training.

Divyeshbhai J. Makani ARN NO :82275 Rajkot, 21 Jan 2018

JiGARBHAI Always brings superb and innovative ideas but most i like is his simple language his enthusism and ability and passion is superbly effected in his body language sirji app jaise poweful way se speech kaise karte hai uska training session rakiye. Because most of the things are known by investor in fast world but the same thing with some innovative idea you present in superb way so keep it and Congrats

Chhabilesh Patel ARN NO :42660 Ahmedabad, 21 Jan 2018

It excellent. Teach us to how to grow money by giving sufficient time.

Nehal Joshi ARN NO :VNiNVESTMENT Surat, 21 Jan 2018

Jigarbhai, Very Well explain... Fantastic example of Chinese Bamboo correlate with our investment pattern. Discipline, Dedication & Determination in your investment will grow you high like Chinese Bamboo...

Mohan sharma ARN NO :Prudent CAS Jaipur, 21 Jan 2018

Good one sir! You are doing great work for society by educating people.Your regular tours and training seminars in rajasthan is extremely needed for new comers. Jai Sri mataji !! Jai Sri Krishna!! Happy sunday have a fun day!!

Manilal Katariya ARN NO :ARN-72587 Vadodara, 21 Jan 2018

Dear Manilal, please read the story and tell me your views.

shiva prasad konduru ARN NO :47847 WARANGAL, 21 Jan 2018

Jigar bhai always take unique concepts engage investors as well as distributors

l.sridharan ARN NO :84328 bangalore, 20 Jan 2018

Good one Vijay as it does convey an apt message more lucidly. This practice does have its advantage when we address a group of investors in any forum.

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