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Wealth creation through insurance products: facts or illusion?Amit Jain, Poornima Bhandari, Jaipur

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Key Take-Aways
  • When it matures, insurance products gives smaller returns in comparison to mutual funds.

  • Earning member of the family should have a higher insurance than non-earnings members in the family. It is not necessary for every non-earning member in the family to have insurance.

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What Mr. Amit is telling is partially true and partially factually incorrect. I am unable to understand why we all ignore debt part of clients portfolio. Our financial planning mostly starts with equity and ends up with equity. No doubt that Mutual Funds are better product then ULIP but endowment products are far far superior as debt product in clients portfolio. Why an XIRR of 5-5.50% tax free can not be treated as excellent option ? I treat clients business as EQUITY investment and to give stability, Endowment products are excellent stabilizers.

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