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Are fixed deposits safe or riskyTejas Venkatesh, Cerebral Advisors, Bangalore

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Key Take-Aways
  • Older investors need to also think about the impact of inflation on purchasing power when it comes to fixed deposits.

  • Older investors should be aware of the risks as well as the advantages when it comes to investing in financial products and it is better to invest in phases.

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Vikas Barra ARN NO :6574 MOHALI, 17 Nov 2018

I believe fixed deposit is as risky as equity, in equity the risk is just two fold of voltality, but returns can be better while both equity and FDs have the risk of default and risk of loss of capital, so why are bank said to be safe which is not, even one bank is advertising that capital is safe, in case of default only one lac is guaranteed through capital insurance what about the rest, they should also have this line at the end subject to market risks

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