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There is only one EkOnkar for an IFIAshish Chadha, Chadha Investments, Delhi

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Deepak Chhabria ARN NO :Axiom Financial services Pvt L BANGALORE, 04 Jul 2020

Wonderful analogies! Really enjoyed listening to Ashish, as always no holds barred interview.

Promila Bhardwaj ARN NO :19335 new delhi, 04 Jul 2020

it very interesting to see you sum up the key principles in the advisory practice. thank you for sharing.

V K Anand ARN NO :1590 Delhi , 04 Jul 2020

Superb eye opener,real professional honest approach, God bless you Chadha.

Rajesh Chheda ARN NO :Finance Factory PANJIM, 04 Jul 2020

Always a learning listening to Ashish’s views and life experiences! Cheers

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