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Great insights on how to engage with these 4 crore investorsSujata Kabraji, Scripbox, Mumbai

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Sujata Kabraji deals only with HNI clients – but when itcomes to women, she is not an entrepreneur – she is a woman first. She takes onwomen clients across the spectrum of profile, portfolio size – anybody who shecan help, she wants to.

Only 10% of women have entered the active workforce – which makesthis segment around 4 crore potential investors. Of these, the segments mostwilling and keen to engage with advisors and MFDs are above 35 yrs of age, selfemployed or professionals or salaried. Many women below 35 yrs tend to value spendingover saving.

Two most common needs that pull women towards advisors are worriesaround funding higher education for children and over funding their retirement.

When dealing with women investors, replace data with visualrepresentations (excel sheet vs charts/graphs), choose simple language overjargon, use story selling, go slow – give them time to build their trust inyou, and most importantly be empathetic, observe body language, be an activelistener.

Be aware that many women expect a man to be patronizing whentalking money. Stay clear of this pitfall, and you are going a long way tobuilding trust and confidence.

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qguqd6 ARN NO :szcd3m 35htx6, 11 Jul 2023


Mrs .Priya Sachin Wazalwar ARN NO :ARN -249433 Nagpur, 02 Jul 2023

HI ,I am Priya ,and clear exam JAN 23 ,only bcoz to give financially literacy to woman ,that is my motto form last 10 yr i will do my trading and quite comfortable in this fielded but now i wnt guidance that how i do so .....

yxgf3n ARN NO :s6ubli t18xv8, 28 Jun 2023


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Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 20 May 2023

Showing visuals, using simple language & storyselling are indeed great techniques

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