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Watch out for this when dealing with women investorsNeepa Khatri, Finnovators Services, Pune

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There is an encouraging trend in families of women participating a lot more in financial planning discussions. Women are being motivated by financial media, by the fact that the country’s FM is a woman – to take more active part in managing the family’s finances.

Many homemakers initially resist financial planning since it often results in immediate curtailment of their spending freedom. Its only when they see the planned outcomes – especially related to childrens' education –that they come around and fully support the plans. Getting homemakers onboard ensures longevity of plans.

Male investors portray knowledge and familiarity with investments, women are a lot more open to learning. Women investors take a lot of time and generally start off with very cautious investment plans. But as their comfort increases, they rapidly move from conservative to moderate and often even aggressive mindsets.

It is critical for MFDs to be sensitive to this rapid journey that many women investors make in their risk profiles. If you miss it, you are way out of line with understanding them and aligning your recommendations to suit their needs. This is one area you have to be very watchful about, whendealing with women investors.

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Arya Mitter Gupta ARN NO :263939 Jalandhar, 11 Sep 2023

Very Useful videos/ information. Keep it up. Thanks.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 08 Sep 2023

Truly useful insights from a serious practitioner.

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