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Help your client create a mental pictureAshish Modani, SLA Financial, Jaipur

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Key Take-Aways
  • What language does your advisor speak? Is it filled with jargon? It is difficult to make a decision when one cannot understand or relate to the information.

  • When advisors speak about dreams, goals, aspiration and current family situation, it is easier to relate, builds confidence and make investment decisions.

  • "What does money mean to you?" -- the language of money changes for each client based on their current life scenario. So investment decisions will vary from person to person.

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Comments Posted
Bikash Harlalka ARN NO :ARN 65542 Guwahati, 06 Jun 2018

Fully Agree with you..One should avoid Jargons ..Brilliant thoughts Ashish ji

Bellana Tirupati Rao ARN NO :1607 Visakhapatnam, 05 May 2018

Very good sir

Sam Koshy ARN NO :5727 KOLLAM, 05 May 2018

Talk the language your clients understand! It will make your job more easier. Fully agreeing with you Mr Modani.


That was fantastic by Mr.Ashish. It is really important to use the language mode based on the person opposite you. It is also important to keep it simple. Allows the investor to understand and will make him more comfortable.

Pallav Bagaria ARN NO :BND Wealth Guwahati, 05 May 2018

Brilliant Ashish..!! .. like always.. always refreshing listening to you.. thanks

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