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Watch out for surprises in goal planningHarish Rao, Simple Equation, Bengaluru

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Key Take-Aways
  • In goal planning, investors should review if their investments are on track to meet the objectives. Investors also need to review if their goals need to be changed and updated to include surprises.

  • Surprises can be nasty or pleasant but both can create lots of financial stress.

  • Nasty surprises include unexpected setbacks such as job cut or health issues. Many people don't have contigency fund to deal with such surprises. Plan for a certain amount of liquidity in your portfolio to handle life's surprises.

  • Pleasant surprises such as admission into a a good education course, opportunities to travel, a wedding can all put pressure on goals.

  • With rising costs and expectations for grander wedding festivities, investors may need to periodically review if the investment goal is the right amount for the current scenario.

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Mukesh patel ARN NO :ARN-53863 Anand, 13 May 2019

Very nice

M.veerankutty ARN NO :6693 Calicut, 11 May 2019

Very useful

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