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4 champions share opportunities amidst pandemic cloudsWF Ideation Hub - session 1, day 1,

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1. Amit Bivalkar

    “We have done in these 4months what we couldn’t do in the last 4 years”

·       “Everybody wants to eat butnobody wants to hunt”; huge opportunities have been created since the last twomergers

·       Digitization has prompted arealization that RMs or sales managers are often the ones that increaseclients’ expectations

·       Focused research on debt fundsenabled us to move clients out proactively before credit accidents dented NAVs –which is fuelling more referrals and higher business growth

·       In the online world,productivity increases because everyone puts in pure man hours, cutting out allperipheral wastage of time. Work hours have now increased to 7AM – 10PM

·       Leveraging social media marketinghas been made possible by taking advantage of forced digitization during thepandemic. This has vastly broadened outreach with Sapient webinars reachingover 26,000 investors.



2. Pradeep Kumar Jain

·       The pandemic forced a 180 turnin our business model from physical interaction and paperwork to a 100%digitally compatible model

·       The primary focus is alwaysmanaging clients so we made over 6000 calls between April and May to understandtheir concerns to map out the way forward

·       In the virtual world, we areable to address 50-60 clients in a day through daily scheduled zoominteractions where in the past it was limited to 4-5.

·       While collective zoom meetingsleave you feeling more exposed and vulnerable to feedback, it has become highlypopular due to its open and interactive nature which forced a more thoroughview of what clients really need from their advisors (feedback that wasotherwise difficult to obtain)

·       With the lockdown reducing theinitial inertia to give technology a try, PMPK has enabled over 1800 clients tobecome savvy with online transactions

·       The new digital model allowsfor improved efficiency due to saved travel time and drastically reduces errormargins.

·       From being confined to a 4kmradius to moving to an online mode where there are no geographical barriers,PMPK is now redefining its boundaries from 4 km radius to 40 or 400 or even4000 km radius – new opportunities have opened up


3. Ashish Modani

    “Adversities for clientsare the best times for advisors to prove their worth”

·       Complete digitization has itsconstraints as clients need human touch – they need advice and reassuranceduring times of crises

·       As the level of complexity ininvesting increases for clients, the need for expert opinions rises

·       Stepping up social media anddigital engagement is imperative because uncertain times are when investorslook for ‘hand-holding’ and expert advice which can become a big businessopportunity for you


4. Sunil Subramaniam

     “This is not the perfecttime to go digital, we are already late”

·       The pandemic has not forced achange in clients’ mindsets, rather changed business models to offer whatthey’ve been ready for all along

·       Collaboration is key – It isimportant to work together and demand that fund companies provide a commonplatform for online transactions

·       Digital marketing is the needof the hour – reach out to clients who need help during uncertain times

·       Shred customer expectations andtalk risk with them. Advisors must give their clients progress report cards onmutually agreed upon goals

·       Demand simplicity of productsfrom AMCs. Vocabulary has to change to address clients.

·       Use the open book exam model –Today the challenge lies in preventing your clients from being overexposed toinformation. It is key to find information you think they need to know and toknow where to source that information from

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Shiney Sebastian ARN NO :Affluenz/51289 Kochi, 02 Aug 2020

Tough times dont last. Tough people do !! Our best work is done now. When clients need your strength to keep them focussed on the opportunities. And your imagination to get them to raise the bar on what they really want for themselves. Be that anchor !!

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